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Use these QUIZLET activities to complete your homework for Tuesday, October 30:

Switch activities in the Botton Right corner where it says "Choose a study mode". Go to the site and listen to the vocabulary by clicking on "Study these flashcards" in the Bottom Left corner

Practice La Familia (the family vocabulary) here:

Go here for more practice on numbers:

Actions (verb conjugation):

1. http://quizlet.com/13977990/los-verbos-flash-cards/

2. http://quizlet.com/9739046/goggins-ar-verbs-plural-flash-cards/ (for just plural conjugations)

3. http://quizlet.com/9738386/goggins-ar-verbs-singular-flash-cards/ (for just singular conjugations)

4. http://quizlet.com/5573430/verb-practice-flash-cards/

La familia:


Describing oneself and others (adjectives):


Here's are some great places to practice the location of Spanish-speaking countries!

Shepard software (this link shows you the countries)

Shepard Software - Practice South America and Central America (The voice says the country and you click on the map)

Shepard Software - drag the country and place it on the map

Go to Jigsaw Planet Central America and put the map of Central America together. Race a friend!

Go to Jigsaw PlanetSouth America and put together the map of South America.