The story page!

Go to miscositas stories and read one of the following stories. Write a mini synopsis in Spanish and in English:

La Viuda
Por que el perro mueve su cola
Suenos de la Tierra
El comelotodo
El codigo de Karate
El Zorro y la gallina
El Perrezoso Dichoso

Watch my VOKI:

Now, go to the Voki Website and create your own Voki! Save it on my voki page as your first name last initial.

When you go to the Voki link, log in under my email address: (copy and paste this into the login window). The password is quite tricky, so pay attention!! Here is the password: spanish


**Record your voice saying three lines about past events: say a sentence about something YOU did, something your friend or family member did, and something that you did together. (The purpose is show your abitlity to use different forms of different verbs in the preterit tense.

Go to Quizlet and practice preterit verbs

Next, go to quizlet to practice the vocabualry words from the children's story that we've been working on in class.

Next, go to storybird and create a story. Navigate to my Storybird page from the left margin, and follow the directions.

Practice the preterit at the Realidades website:

Practice Activity 1
practice activity 2 car/gar/zar verbs
Animated verbs
Go HEREfor an internet activity on shopping

If you have done all of the above activities, go to and create something weird and fun! you can email your work of art to me: , then check out MY masterpieces!! go to "search" and type in: lindisima